CSPC has a total asset of RMB 41 billion and around 25,000 employees up to now. Listed in Hong Kong(01093.HK)with market value of more than HK$ 100 billion and being one of the Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, CSPC has been the first pharmaceutical share since the past 50 years.
As the Chinese leading pharmaceutical enterprise ,CSPC is engaged in development, production and sale.The key products include seven branches and nearly 1,000 varieties, such as antibiotic, vitamin, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine, antipyretic and analgesic one, digestive system medicine and antineoplastic .The sales of 30 single-variety products has exceeded RMB 100 million respectively.
Being one of The National Innovative Enterprises, State Key Caboratory For Novel Pharmaceutical Preparations And Excipients, and Chinese first-class new medicines in cubation base,CSPC employees more than 1700 researchers including about 1000 masters, doctors and returned experts. CSPC ranks among the top-level in China’s domestic new medicine research and development. At present, CSPC has more than 200 new medicine programs being under way, mainly on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, metabolic disease (e.g. diabetes), tumor, psychosis and neuropathy. NBP which has already appeared on the market is a globally leading medicine in treating stroke, and is also the third categoryⅠnovel medicine in China that owns proprietary intellectual property rights. It is expected to realize that $ 1 billion of single-variety sales value and the intellectual property rights are protected in 86 countries around the world.



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    Dl-3-butylphthalide (Butylphthalide Soft Capsules)[functional indications]:Various pathological processes for the treatme

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    Butylphthalide Soft Capsules Package InsertPlease read the package insert carefully and please use the medicine und